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Scouts Canada International Trade Badge



Cubs develop basic knowledge regarding the role imports and exports play in the daily lives of Canadians. [1]


Do any five of the following requirements:

  1. Make a list of at least eight items around your home (e.g. groceries, clothes, electronics, etc.) that were grown or produced outside Canada. What countries did they come from? Locate these countries on a map, and find out how the tems got to Canada.
  2. Pick any five spices (e.g. cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pepper, turmeric). Where did they come from? Find out their history and how they first arrived in other parts of the world.
  3. Identify at least two different gem stones. Where did they come from? Find out how they have been traded through history.
  4. Find a business in your area that exports or imports products to or from other countries. Find out where these products have come from, and/or where they are going. How were they transported?
  5. Find out how airplanes carry both cargo and passengers at the same time. Explain why there are special rules for shipping dangerous goods on airplanes.
  6. Identify four different types of cargo ships and what each has been specially designed to carry.
  7. List six things that Canada produces or grows that other countries may want. In return, what things might these other countries trade with us because we donât produce or grow them?
  8. Learn about the currencies of at least two other countries (e.g. Malaysian ringgits, Chinese yuan, Russian rubles) and compare their value to Canadian currency.
  9. Many famous explorers went on their voyages looking for new trade routes and new lands. Learn the story of one explorer. Share with your six or leader what the explorer went looking for and what they discovered.

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