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In 1990 sixteen Canadian Scouting youth traveled to Shiru Kenya on the first Canadian sponsored International Development project. The focus was to refurbish and to build additions (staff accommodations and latrines) to a small medical centre that services a community of 17,000 people.

Presently, this little health clinic has trouble meeting the demands of the community, and are in need of upgrading and expansion. This small clinic treats, on average, about two hundred people a day.

The Dispensary is a basic level clinic in rural Kenya, the next step being that of a Health Centre, where additional personnel will be made available, Doctor services increased, and laboratory and diagnostic services expanded. It is our target to expedite the progress to achieve this status.

This summer a Canadian Scouting contingent of twenty five (25) members will return to Shiru Kenya to update and expand their clinic. Over the last twenty years the original project has made a huge impact in the quality of life for the residences of this community. We hope that this project will improve the quality of life for future generations.

The primary focus for this project involves Scouts Canada working together with the Kenya Scout Association to support the United Nations Millennium Goals of Reducing Child Mortality (#4) and improving Maternal Health (#5).


  • Advisors: Kevin Ransome (Project Advisor), Jennifer Cripton (Co-Medical Advisor), Andrea Loughlean (Co-Medical Advisor), David Ross (Construction Advisor), Krysta Cowling (Patrol Advisor), Jamie Schaffler (Patrol Advisor)
  • Patrol A: Eric Post (Patrol Leader), Hannes Filler (Assistant Patrol Leader), Caitlind Matthews, Charlotte Foster, Daniel Wassmansdorf, Kristin Ransome, Michael Nash, Ryan Pepper
  • Patrol B: Brandon Scott (Patrol Leader), Ashley Wong (Assistant Patrol Leader), Aaron Rollins, Alanna Cunningham Rogers, Eric Davidson, Eric Kyle, Kayla Powell, Mark Berkers, Rachel Thornburn


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