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* [[Linking Badge]]
* [[Linking Badge]]
* [[Scout to Venturer Link Badge]]
* [[Scout to Venturer Link Badge]]

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Linking is used to refer to an activity in which two different sections are "linked" together in an activity.



  • Overnite camp all sections , scouts plan camp get site do cooking works to chief scout award
  • Beavers and cubs led by a scout, teams for Apple Day] or a community cleanup
  • All sections space theme night, scouts run activities
  • Driving theme – cubs pair up with beavers and make a car, scouts make popcorn and run a movie
  • All section camp beach theme. Scouts run snow volleyball. Older scouts/venturers run rotations thru activities
  • Pot luck supper all sections. Scouts put out food. Indoor campfire, good for BP week
  • All sections camp with scouts leading events
  • All Sections group party. Skit nite. Campfire planned by scouts. Scouts lead egg drop game. play blindfolded navigation course for cubs and beavers where young help older and vice , ie. Beaver is eyes for scout.
  • Venturers / Scouts lead cubs on a short hike
  • Scouts plan a scavenger hunt for cubs or beavers. Scouts identify objects to locate animal signs, trees, rocks. Provide digital cameras to groups to take shots of objects found. Scouts lead groups on hunt.
  • Compass treasure hunt led by Scouts/Venturers , leading cubs / beavers around area to find geo caches.
  • Educational river trip lead by Scouts for beavers and cubs. Canoes with Scout beaver cub in each canoe.

Cubs & Beavers

  • At a camp cubs run activities for beavers
  • Have a linking meeting of keeos, kims and leaders in training Leaders/LIT provide meeting outline Keeo’s and kim’s lead sixes/patrols in planning and running beaver/cub meetings, LIT assist
  • Camp- invite whitetails to cuboree
  • Cubs come for beaver sleepovers to help cooking make pancakes and help play games

Cubs & Scouts

  • 3rd year cubs come to a scout camp

Cubs & Venturers

  • Venturers cook favorite outdoor meals with cubs

Scouts & Venturers

  • Venturers teach fire building to the scouts
  • Venturers help Scouts build and use emergency shelters

Adapted from WB1 TRAINING Mindaamin 04/2011

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