Milestone Recognition Program

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The Milestone Recognition Program celebrates the achievement of a Scouter’s years of service in Scouting.

Thanking Scouters along their volunteering journey is one way to show them appreciation. Each year that someone volunteers with Scouts Canada positively impacts the youth that are in the Sections, Groups and Areas of the organization. To recognize a Scouter’s years of service, Scouts Canada has developed its Milestone Recognition Program.

Early in each calendar year identities all active Scouters who celebrate one to five year anniversaries before the end of the Scouting year. Each Group/Area/Council Commissioner receives notification that the annual campaign is about to kick-off. This email contains a list of all Scouters who are eligible to receive recognition. The effectiveness of the program is enhanced when has the correct email address for Scouters and accurately re ects years of service.

The Commissioners have an opportunity to make corrections and update recipients’ email addresses. Eligible Scouters receive an email thanking them for their continued service with an invitation to select a recognition item commensurate with their service anniversary. If there is no email address available, the Commissioner can make the selection on the Scouter’s behalf, after contacting them for input. After selection, the gifts are provided to the Commissioner for presentation. The Scouter has the option to opt out or donate the value of the gift back to the No One Left Behind Program of Scouts Canada.

Scouts Canada also extends special recognition to its volunteers every five years. On a Scouters’ 10-year anniversary, they are awarded a Long Service Medal as recognition for ten years of service. Every five years after this, the service of the Scouter is celebrated with a recognition certi cate and a Long Service Pin. After volunteering with Scouts Canada for three consecutive years, a Scouter can receive credit for years of service with other WOSM organizations or the Girl Guides of Canada.