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|Chair of the Board of Governors & [[Chief_Commissioner|Chief Commissioner]] || '''Andrew Price'''
|Chair of the Board of Governors & [[Chief_Commissioner|Chief Commissioner]] || '''Andrew Price'''
|Executive Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer || '''[[Michael McKay]]'''
|Executive Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer || -
|Member of the Board of Governors || '''Peter Ford'''
|Member of the Board of Governors || '''Peter Ford'''

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Earlier this year, Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors renewed the National Property Committee. The Committee supports the use of properties to achieve the objectives of Scouting. The Committee does this by supporting the Incorporated Bodies, Property Societies, Committees, Councils and the Board of Governors as we all work together towards sending more kids on amazing adventures in extraordinary camp settings and offering sustainable, world class, competitive programming.

The membership of the National Property Committee is very diverse. It represents all regions of Canada and brings a broad range of knowledge, experience and points of view to their role. They were selected from the Incorporated Bodies, Councils, National Leadership Team and Board of Governors for their professional experience and credentials in property planning, development and stewardship. Together they have over 200 years of Scouting and camping experience, and as much in the property development and asset management world.

Both the nominated incoming and the outgoing Chairs of the Board of Governors, Andrew Price and Steve Kent, are ex officio members and our Chief Executive Officer, Michael McKay, sits on the Committee. Other members include Section Scouters, the Presidents of two of Scouts Canada`s largest Incorporated Bodies and our Deputy National Commissioner – Camping. Staff support is provided by Rob Stewart, Executive Director, Program and Field Services, and other staff as needed who bring a wealth of Scouting knowledge and history. Very shortly, the National Property Committee will issue a public call to recruit a youth member who can bring relevant property sector knowledge and camping expertise.

The National Property Committee is not in the business of helping to buy, lease, generate revenue from or sell property unless it is asked by a Council, Property Society or Incorporated Body. The Committee has no mandate in the areas of property maintenance, property management or property ownership.

The Committee is in the business of sharing expertise and best practices with Councils, Property Societies, Incorporated Bodies, the National Leadership Team and the Board of Governors to help you get the most from Scouts Canada properties. It is in the business of fostering innovation and promoting collaboration as we all work together to provide safe, sustainable and competitive world class programming and facilities for Canada’s youth.

Members of the NPC

Chair of the Property Committee & Member of the Board of Governors David Connelly
Chair of the Board of Governors & Chief Commissioner Andrew Price
Executive Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer -
Member of the Board of Governors Peter Ford
Deputy National Commissioner - Camping Stéphane Hogue
DCC-Camps for Central Escarpment Council John Edwards
President of Scout Properties BC-Yukon LTD Charles Johnstone
President and Chair of the Board of the Ontario Incorporated Body Terence McGowan
Executive Director - Program & Field Services Rob Stewart
Youth Member Roderick Barrie
Youth Member Brandon Scott