National Safety Committee

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Scouts Canada’s National Safety Committee, a team of Scouts, Scouters and external volunteers who bring a wealth of experience in areas such as safety management, child health, risk management, and public safety.

The National Safety Committee has agreed to support overall Scouting safety by:

  • Proposing a safety management system that balances program quality with overarching safety objectives;
  • Supporting the creation and refinement of processes and tools to support safe program delivery;
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practices and organizational knowledge through channels that engage Scouters, youth and their parents;
  • Serving as safety champions and building awareness of our safety culture among Scouts Canada members, Scouting families and the Canadian public.

The National Safety Committee reports to the Board of Governors through the National Commissioner and will be supported by the Director and Deputy National Commissioner of Child and Youth Safety.


In 2012, Scouts Canada recruited a team of third-party child safety experts to form our Child and Youth Safety Advisory Committee. Their task was to conduct a complete review of all of our policies and procedures and recommend updates that would further strengthen our standards.

Over the 18 months following, Scouts Canada worked hard to strengthen our commitment to safety as a core value, implementing a number of new and enhanced policies and procedures. The health and safety of our members must remain Scouts Canada’s top priority – to that end, we must work together to build and maintain a culture of respect and safety within Scouts Canada. We need to ensure that we have the right people in the right place with the right tools and skills.