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Scouts Canada National Youth Network

The National Youth Network exists to:

• Ensure meaningful youth involvement occurs wherever decisions are made within Scouts Canada;

• Provide direction in all areas of youth programming;

• Ensure coordination with council youth networks; and

• Encourage youth to take on leadership roles at all levels of our organization.

The National Youth Network is made up of the Council Youth Commissioners from every council across Canada, three Assistant National Youth Commissioners from Eastern, Central and Western Canada and is chaired by the National Youth Commissioner (currently Kaylee Galipeau).

Some of the current projects and accomplishments of the NYN are:

• The impACT 2012 Youth Conference, bringing together more than 150 young leaders from all across Canada with a common goal of "Making your Mark". The impACT Youth Conference is set for its second installment in the fall of 2015.

• Development and promotion of FLEX, FAST and FOCUS – our Youth Leadership training programs for Cub Scout, Scout and Venturer Scout aged youth.

• Creation and maintainance the Medal of the Maple [1] for distinguished youth service;

• Maintenance of Council, Area, and regional youth networks across the country; and

• Engagement of youth all across the country at every level of this movement to make Scouting in Canada the best it can be.

The National Youth Network is only a small part of the larger Scouts Canada Youth Network that is made up of the National Youth Network, all the Council Youth Networks, all the Area Youth Networks and other youth representatives across Canada.

The National Youth Network was created in 1995 under the leadership of Steve Kent. In the past 15 years, the NYN has made incredible progress within Scouts Canada in the promotion and enhancement of youth leadership.

Members on the National Youth Network

National Youth Commissioner

Assistant National Youth Commissioner

Council Youth Commissioner

British Columbia




  • Manitoba - vacant



New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

  • Prince Edward Island - vacant

Newfoundland and Labrador

International Groups

  • Group Youth Commissioner for 1st Geilenkirchen (Scouts Canada - Europe) – Ben Perrin

Get Involved!

Looking to get involved in the Scouts Canada Youth Network? Send us an e-mail at, or check out our youth opportunities page!