Nature's Rainbow

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Beaver Scouts will come to understand the variety of organisms and colours that exist in nature, through this fun scavenger-hunt type activity.


  • Paint chips, various colours, from a hardware or paint store. These should include different shades of blue, green, and brown, as well as other colours like purple, pinks, oranges, etc.
  • A defined playing area, outdoors.


Explain to the Beaver Scouts that you will be using the paint chips to play a scavenger hunt type game. Working individually or in pairs, give the children each a paint chip card. They will go out into the playing area to try to find something in nature that matches that colour (if using cards with several shades, ask child to find something that matches one of those shades).

Before playing, explain to the Beaver Scouts that they should not pick flowers, move rocks, or otherwise disturb the area if possible. All areas are habitats for some type of organism, and we do not want to cause damage to that habitat.

How many shades can they find? Who can find the most? Where they surprised to find some of those colours in nature?

Extension Activity

Ask Beaver Scouts to match their cards to items that do not belong in nature (garbage). Using gloves and garbage bags, clean up the playing area.

From Earth Day, Beaver Scouts Jumpstarts.