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When a new member joins Beaver Scouts, the child becomes a “Kit” – the term used to describe a young beaver. The Kit is placed in a lodge, and may wear the Beaver Scout hat and vest but not the neckerchief.

To become an Eager Beaver, a Kit must know the Beaver Promise, Law and Salute, and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Invite parents or guardians to participate in the investiture ceremony by standing behind their child when the Beavers receive their scarf. Ask them to bring along the Beaver scarf and woggle. If, for some reason, no member of the family is able to attend, have a leader act as a substitute. Avoid having a Beaver Scout stand alone.


You can invest one or more Kits at a time because they repeat after the leader the Promise and Law in unison. If only one Beaver is being invested, the leader handling the investiture joins with the child to say the Law and Promise.

The investiture is held at the beginning of the meeting immediately after the opening ceremony. The leader signals all Beaver Scouts to take a cross-legged seated position making a “sh-sh-sh” sound. Before starting the ceremony, one of the leaders takes a few minutes to explain to Beavers and parents the importance of the investiture ceremony. Then a leader asks parents to come forward and assume their positions. Parents bring scarves and woggles with them.

The leader asks the children to make the Beaver salute while saying the Beaver Law and Promise. In some colonies, the Beaver Scouts turn to face their parents when they say the Law, then turn back to face the leaders as they say their Promise. Leaders then put the Beaver neckerchiefs on the children.

Using Scouting’s left handshake, the newly-invested Beaver Scouts shake hands with their leaders and receive their parents’ congratulations before parents return to their seats, and Beaver Scouts return to the colony. They can either join the others to sit in dam formation while the colony gives them a cheer, or they can go around the circle and shake hands with all the other Beaver Scouts.

Reference: Chapter 12: Meetings and Ceremonies