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The New Brunswick Council is one of the Scout Councils that comprise the 20 Councils of Scouts Canada. Of the 20, New Brunswick is one of the 4 Councils that represents one entire province.

Council Key 3

The Current Key 3 of the New Brunswick Council are New Brunswick Commissioner Paul Murray, Council Youth Commissioner Apolline Savage and Council Field Executive Tom Heath.

Area's of the Council

The New Brunswick Council is split into 6 service areas: The Chaleur Service Area, The Fundy East Service Area, The Miramichi Service Area, The Rivorton Service Area, The Southeast Service Area And The Wabanaki Service Area.


In August of 2010 the New Brunswick Scout Council had 43 Beaver Colonies, 43 Cub Packs, 34 Scout Troops, 11 Venturer Companies And 6 Rovers Crews that were Comprised of 48 Different Groups.


In April of 2011 several Scouts & Scouters from around the province Came together in Fredericton, New Brunswick in the Heart of the Rivorton Service Are for a Workshop on Membership Development And Communication/Visibility. Throughout the day the Youth Participants were encouraged to spend time together brainstorming of ways to effectively communicating the New Brunswick Council Scout Programs to youth our age in a Social Networking environment. With the help of 1 Council Youth Commissioner, 3 Area Youth Commissioners and 3 very helpful Venturers from the Southeast Service Area; TAAP was born! TAAP standing for Team Awesome Action Plan is a action plan to bring the Scouts Canada New Brunswick Council to the Social Networking Scene. The TAAP Project is being primarily focused on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. The Social Networking sites are being closely monitored by the New Brunswick Youth Network.