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!! colspan="2" style="background-color: orange;"| [[Scoutcraft Skills]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: orange"| [[Scoutcraft Skills]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: OliveDrab;"| [[Camping Skills]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: OliveDrab"| [[Camping Skills|<span style="color:White">Camping Skills</span>]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: Gold;"| [[Trail Skills]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: Gold"| [[Trail Skills]]  
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: Purple;"| [[Winter Skills]]
!! colspan="2" style="background-color: Purple"| [[Winter Skills|<span style="color:White">Winter Skills</span>]]
| style="background-color:orange;" | [[File:OAS-scoutcraft-1.png|50px|link=Scoutcraft_Skills_Stage_1]]   
| style="background-color:orange;" | [[File:OAS-scoutcraft-1.png|50px|link=Scoutcraft_Skills_Stage_1]]   

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Outdoor Adventure Skills Cooking

Cooking and food preparation tasks and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges.

See also Outdoor Skills - Cooking.
See more Outdoor Adventure Skills by Topic.
Scoutcraft Skills Camping Skills Trail Skills Winter Skills
OAS-scoutcraft-1.png 1.2 I can keep my mess kit clean at camp. OAS-trail-1.png 1.3 I can list what food to bring on a day hike. OAS-winter-1.png 1.2 I have prepared a good snack for a winter outing..
OAS-scoutcraft-2.png 2.2 I can cook a foil-wrapped meal in a fire. OAS-camping-2.png 2.5 I can explain how to use Canada’s Food Guide … and help to plan a nutritious meal.

2.6 … safe food handling and hygiene …
2.7 I can help prepare food for cooking at camp and be safe while cooking at camp.

OAS-winter-2.png 2.2 I have packed a proper lunch for a winter outing.
OAS-scoutcraft-3.png 3.2 I can cook a meal on a camp stove. OAS-camping-3.png 3.4 … help plan a basic balanced meal …

3.5 … demonstrate how to store food …
3.6 … assist in cooking a meal …
3.7 … be safe while cooking at camp…
3.13 … make a hot drink on a campfire…

OAS-winter-3.png 3.3 … plan a menu for…camp

3.4 … cooked a lunch over an open fire

OAS-scoutcraft-4.png 4.3 I can cook over a fire to roast and bake food items.

4.11 I can set up a tree food hang to protect my food from animals.

OAS-camping-4.png 4.6 I can store and cook food safely…

4.11 … safe practices around fires and cooking equipment to minimize the risk of burns, scalds …

OAS-trail-4.png 4.4 I know how to plan for and avoid food allergies in a group hike. OAS-winter-4.png 4.2 I have helped purchase food for a winter outing.

4.3 I have helped cook meals at winter camp.

OAS-scoutcraft-5.png 5.2 I have cooked with cast iron cookware …fire/coals…

5.7 I have caught, cleaned and cooked a fish over a campfire.

OAS-camping-5.png 5.8. … use different cooking methods/fuel types

5.16 I can light, maintain and use a fire to cook a balanced meal at camp

OAS-trail-5.png 5.5 … use… lightweight stoves …

5.6 … keep food & prep materials hygienic.

OAS-winter-5.png 5.2 …led… planning & purchasing meals…

5.3 ... chief cook for at least 1 meal
5.7 …lay & light a fire
5.8 I can use a liquid fuel stove

OAS-scoutcraft-6.png 6.2 I have built and cooked on a personalsized stove only made out of tin cans, wax, candle wicks and cardboard … OAS-camping-6.png 6.8 … plan/purchase food for a weekend camp.

6.9 I can demonstrate to others how to use a variety of cooking stoves at camp and explain to others when each type is most effective.
6.10 I can teach another youth to prepare a meal to be cooked on a fire or improvised stove.

OAS-winter-6.png 6.4 I have baked bread or a dessert at a winter camp.
OAS-scoutcraft-7.png 8.2 I can cook a complete campout meal using only improvised natural cooking surfaces and devices (cooking only using flat stones, wood planks, cooking cranes/hooks, spits, covered pits/trenches).
OAS-scoutcraft-8.png 9.2 Using only wood as a fuel source, I have built a reflector camp oven and cooked a meal for a minimum of five persons, including both roasted and baked food preparation.