Outdoor Adventure Skills Gear

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Outdoor Adventure Skills Gear

Outdoor gear and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges. Can’t camp without the right gear! For simplicity, first aid and survival kits are listed in a separate table.

Camping Skills Trail Skills Winter Skills
OAS-camping-1.png 1.3 I can help pack a bag for camp.

1.4 I can keep my camping gear neat and tidy.
1.5 I can care for my basic personal gear on an overnight camp.

OAS-trail-1.png 1.1 I can help pack a rucksack for a day hike.

1.2 I can dress myself for a day hike

OAS-camping-2.png 2.2 I can list what personal gear to bring on an overnight camp.

2.3 I can look after all my personal gear while at camp.
2.4 I can explain what clothing to bring on an overnight camp.

OAS-trail-2.png 2.1 I know what gear to bring for a hike depending on weather.

2.2 … take care of all personal gear needed for a day hike.

OAS-winter-2.png 2.4 I know how to pack extra clothes for winter outings.
OAS-camping-3.png 3.2 I can audit my personal gear for camp.

3.3 I can pack a bag for camp.

OAS-trail-3.png 3.1 can pack a rucksack for a day hike.

3.2 can explain what clothes to bring for a day hike depending on the weather.

OAS-winter-3.png 3.8 I can pack a day pack for a winter outing.
OAS-camping-4.png 4.2 I can list the personal gear for standing camp.

4.3 I can show how to use group gear safely at camp.
4.4 I can show proper use, care and maintenance of group gear during and in between camps.

OAS-trail-4.png 4.2 I can pack a rucksack for a weekend hike.

4.3 I can show how to care for all my personal hiking equipment needed for a weekend hike.
4.9 I can plan and bring appropriate personal gear to use on a hike based on weather forecasts for the hiking area.

OAS-winter-4.png 4.7 I have used a toboggan or sled to transport equipment.