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Outdoor Adventure Skills Camp Tools: Knives / Axes / Saws

Camp tools and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges.

BP&P 13021 – TOOLS/KNIVES: Knives (safety folding blade type), including multi-purpose tools, may be used during age appropriate program activities by all members, excluding Beavers, providing it is a bonafide requirement for the particular activity. Sheath knives may be worn when it is a bona-fide requirement of the particular Scouting activity and only by Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Scouters and must not at any time be concealed.

Scoutcraft Skills Camping Skills
OAS-scoutcraft-4.png 4.4 I can use a knife safely (opening, closing, passing, cleaning, caring for) and have earned my knife permit. OAS-camping-4.png 4.5 I can use basic camp tools safely.
OAS-scoutcraft-5.png 5.3 I know how to use a camp axe and camp folding or bow saw safely (opening, closing, passing, cleaning, caring for, sharpening, cutting) and have obtained the appropriate permits for these. OAS-camping-5.png 5.5 I can use, maintain and store tools safely at camp.
OAS-scoutcraft-6.png 6.3 Using a knife and axe, I have prepared a 10-person campfire with tinder, kindling and fuel logs gathered from a forest floor. The fire burned for 5 hours with all wood gathered before the fire was lit (no gathering additional fire wood once the fire is lit and burning).

6.10 From wood I have not harvested from a live source, I have carved and used my own hiking “Scout” staff on a trail hike.

OAS-camping-6.png 6.6 I can demonstrate to others how to care for, store and maintain group gear for camp.
OAS-camping-7.png 7.6 I can teach another youth how to care for, store and maintain group gear needed for camps.
OAS-scoutcraft-8.png 8.3 I have carved cooking and eating spoons and a bowl with a knife/carving tools and wood. OAS-camping-8.png 8.5 I can make recommendations to improve group equipment for various camp types.
OAS-scoutcraft-9.png 9.3 I know all the safety techniques, operating procedures, personal protective equipment and hazard identification / defence for chainsaw use to both fell a tree and buck up downed wood.

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