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Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to safely handle a canoe, kayak or similar craft on flat or slow moving water.

NOTE: You must wear a properly fitted PFD while in a boat.


  1. Safety:
    1. Explain safety in, on and around water.
    2. Properly select and wear a suitable PFD or life jacket. Explain your choice and how it applies to Scouts Canada regulations.
    3. Demonstrate the use of a rescue-line throwing assist and an additional reaching or throwing assist.
    4. Explain and demonstrate self-rescue. i.e. Swim canoe ashore.
    5. Explain and demonstrate Canoe-over-Canoe rescue.
  2. Knowledge:
    1. Name and point out 10 parts on your craft and 5 paddle parts.
    2. Explain the care and handling of your small craft, including launching and landing from a dock or shore.
    3. Explain how to avoid the following conditions and their treatment:
      1. Hypothermia
      2. Heat Exhaustion
      3. Heat Stroke
      4. U.V. ray exposure
    4. Know the Transport Canada regulations that apply to your small craft.
  3. Skills:
    1. Paddle equally well in bow and stern or, if your craft requires, solo.
    2. Demonstrate the stability of your craft, i.e. rocking vigorously.
    3. Pivot your craft 360 degrees, in both directions.
    4. Paddle a straight line for 100m.
    5. Demonstrate the following strokes as they apply to your craft; Forward bow stroke ; "J" Stroke; Stopping; Sweep; Reverse Paddling; Draw; and Pry.
    6. Paddle a distance of 10km.

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