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Scouts develop and enhance attitudes, knowledge and skills to help them positively and actively contribute as members of their local and national communities. [1]


  1. Identify the following flags: the United Nations, World Scout, Canadian provinces and territories.
  2. With other members of your patrol meet with a member of local government or the legal system. Discuss with this person their responsibilities and the workings of their system.
  3. Explain the following to show that you understand how the Government of Canada works: the roles of the Queen, Governor General, and Lieutenant Governors; the general functions or powers of federal, provincial and local governments; the role of civil servants and the role of political parties.
  4. Meet with a member of a local service club, and discuss their organization's role in the community.
  5. Know how to do the following in your community:
    • (a) Report damage or need for repairs to roads and bridges;
    • (b) Report damage to electrical power, sewer mains, water supply systems;
    • (c) Report a spill of hazardous material;
    • (d) Obtain a building permit for a house or garage; and
    • (e) Report suspected water contamination to the local health authority.
  6. With members of your patrol,
    • Visit a historic memorial site and explain its significance to the community.
    • OR Visit an industrial plant, business or educational centre. During your visit, find out about the types of jobs or careers that are available.
    • OR Report on the history, growth and present role of one of the following: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Armed Forces, Supreme Court of Canada.
  7. Actively participate in five community projects. At least two must be different from the choices made at the Voyageur level.
  8. Communicate and explore local Scouting activities with a Scout from another area or culture. (This could be done in person, or by letter, fax, ham radio, e-mail.

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