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See Personal Achievement Badges for more information.

BeaverScout-clipart.png Earth Beaver.png Exploring Beaver.png Leader Beaver.png Beaver Heroes.png Olympic Beaver.png Chef Beaver.png Pet Care Beaver.png Friendship Beaver.png
Community Beaver.png Canada Beaver.png Beavers of the World.png Tech Beaver.png Creative Beaver.png Musical Beaver.png Spirit Beaver.png Scientific Beaver.png
  • Exploring Beaver: anything to do with outdoor adventure and inquiry
  • Earth Beaver: anything related to environmental stewardship
  • Leader Beaver: organizing and taking part in activities that develop team skills
  • Beaver Heroes: discovering contributing members of the community and the positive difference they make
  • Olympic Beaver: having fun exploring healthy activity
  • Chef Beaver: having fun discovering healthy eating and making food that works at home and for Scouting activities
  • Pet Care Beaver: exploring how to look after domesticated animals
  • Tech Beaver: discovering how to use technology safely and responsibly
  • Community Beaver: opportunities to offer community service
  • Canada Beaver: discovering and exploring anything to do with our country and being a good citizen
  • Beavers of the World: discovering Scouting youth around the world, and helping someone somewhere else in the Scouting way
  • Musical Beaver: exploring a variety of musical expressions, including singing, dancing, playing an instrument, composing, choreographing or creating an instrument
  • Scientific Beaver: learning and experimenting critically and empirically
  • Creative Beaver: using the imagination to devise art, inventions and handicrafts
  • Spirit Beaver: exploring beliefs that are important for self and family as well as the beliefs of another faith
  • Friendship Beaver: exploring values that are important for self and family as well as those important to the Scouting movement