Personal Fitness Award

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To qualify for the Personal Fitness Award, you must complete the following to the satisfaction of your company and advisor.

  1. After researching at least two (2) of the following, creatively share what you learned with others about:
    • Personal Health, nutrition and hygiene needed to keep in good condition,
    • the long-term effects of drugs (including nicotine and alcohol),
    • the long-term effects of high protein, high fat diets, excessive use of salt, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. (This would include preservatives such as monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate and nitrate.),
    • the need for physical conditioning.
  2. Regularly play a winter sport. Play a different sport regularly in the summer. (One sport must be a team sport). Understand, and be able to interpret, the rules and regulations of the chosen sports.


    Plan a personal, active program covering at least one year's duration that involves two individual sports, such as tennis, golf, bowling, curling, boxing, judo, karate, kayaking, swimming, cycling, skiing (water or snow), ice or roller-skating, canoeing, sailing, or rowing. Understand, and be able to interpret, the rules and regulations of your chosen sports.


    With a friend or another Venturer, plan and take part in an outdoor expedition of at least three days' duration. This should involve forty-eight kilometres on foot or eighty kilometres by bicycle or canoe. Share your physical fitness program with your company.
  3. Working with your company executive, set up and have the company participate in an inter-company sports activity.