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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article is no longer be applicable to the current program.
It remains here for reference purposes only.
For information on items replacing this topic, see Cub Scout Home.




By caring for their own pet, Cubs develop the basic knowledge and skills, including local pet and animal regulations, needed to raise a healthy pet in a safe manner. [1]


  1. Keep and take care of a pet for three months or, if this is not possible, help take care of another persons pet for three months.
  2. Explain and obey local regulations for keeping an animal as a pet.
  3. Read a book about your pet.
  4. Explain the care of the pet: shelter, feeding, common illnesses and inoculations, cleanliness, exercise, and training.
  5. Describe how to be careful around a strange animal and what to do if you suspect it might have a dangerous disease such as rabies.
  6. Explain how and why the pet became domesticated.

Hint: Requirement 6 works for animals like cats, horses, and dogs. For some animals (like snakes), it will be hard to learn when they became domesticated, if they ever did. If, for any reason, you can't care for a pet at home, ask one of your leaders how you can arrange to care for a pet elsewhere. Check the library in your community or at school for books on pets.

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