Program Quality Standards

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The Canadian Path promotes a new approach to the way Scouting is done in Canada. With a new approach to the program, there need to be a new approach to the way we measure the program’s success. The new Program Quality Standards are youth-set, youth-assessed and of course, Youth-led!

Gone are the days of Program Standards that require Scouters to check a bunch of boxes. The key change with the new PQS is that the youth set their own goals for the year, and evaluate their own progress towards those goals. Scouters need to ensure that they are getting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals for themselves and meeting the core metrics, but there are no longer rigid requirements to meet. Although it will no longer be called an ‘award’, Sections will still receive recognition for meeting their goals and assessing their progress regularly.

Scouts Canada’s programs are designed to deliver fun, challenging, outdoor programs to youth of all ages. To ensure that all members receive quality Scouting programs, as well as opportunities to develop themselves, the following Program Standards have been established.

Program Quality Standards documentation for each Section