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Description: A golden St. Edward's crown.

Country: Commonwealth of Nations, formerly the British Empire

Introduced: 1909, as the King's Scout Award by King Edward VII, "Edward the Peacemaker"

Replaced by: Queen's Venturer Award

Awarded by: the Governor-General of Canada, as the monarch's representative in Canada

Awarded for: The significance of the rank of Queen's Scout is sometimes forgotten. It is the top grade and honour in Scout training, for it literally means what the name implies - a Scout who has passed certain tests of proficiency qualifying him for "the Queen's service", in times of national emergency, and who has assumed the obligation to Be Prepared for such service.

Background: With the accession of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to the throne in 1952, the time honoured rank of King's Scout, with Her Majesty's gracious approval, was renamed Queen's Scout to continue the legacy of King Edward VII. Since then many youth have been presented with the award and proven themselves able and willing to serve the Queen, should their service at any time be required by her,

The Award consisted of a cloth emblem (shown above) worn on the left arm above the First Class Badge - surrounded by the qualifying badges - and a certificate signed by the Governor-General.

In Canada the Queen's Scout Award was conferred by the monarch via Royal Warrant; you were not awarded the Queen's Scout Award, rather you become one.



1955, Tenderfoot to Queen's Scout, Policy and Rules for the Boy Scouts of Canada[1].

  1. Be a First Class Scout
  2. Be qualified to wear four of the following badges of which Ambulance Man and either Pathfinder or Coast Watchman are obligatory:
    1. Ambulance Man
    2. Coast Watchman
    3. Cyclist
    4. Fireman
    5. Horseman
    6. Interpreter
    7. Pathfinder
    8. Pilot
    9. Public Health Man
    10. Rescuer
    11. Signaller

A Queen's Scout must be reexamined annually for his Ambulance Man's badge, and must cease to wear the Queen's Scout Badge should he fail in it.

Adult Recognition Award

Leaders that have earned this award as a youth are entitled to wear the Adult Recognition Award on their uniform.

Notable Recipients

None yet listed.


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