Queen's Venturer Award

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To be eligible for the Queen's Venturer Award you must choose and complete to the satisfaction of the Company and the Advisor, one (1) of the alternatives set out in Section "A", and ALL of the requirements set out in Section "B".

Section A

  1. Hold the Venturer Award, OR
  2. Demonstrate the equivalent skills and knowledge.

(Qualifications earned while attaining these awards may be counted in the next section.)

Section B

  1. Be a currently registered member of Scouts Canada.
  2. Hold a current St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross Society Standard First Aid Certificate.
  3. Hold the World Conservation Award.
  4. Hold an award for service skill (i.e. Bronze Medallion, YMCA Life Saving Certificate, Canadian Ski Patrol Certificate, Mountain Rescue Certificate, Search & Rescue, Power Squadron). Equivalent alternatives such as being qualified as a youth camp counsellor, or as a staff member at a camp for handicapped children, or having the qualifications to operate a children's traffic safety program, or a program of alcohol and drug education will also qualify.
  5. Complete a minimum of fifty (50) hours of service of your choice for which you receive no monetary reward. NOTE: The service time given toward earning the Service Activity Award or the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Silver level) may be applied to this total requirement.
  6. Act as an Activity Leader or Scouter-in-Training at no less than eight (8) meetings or activities of a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, or Scout Troop. Where there is no Colony, Pack or Troop, a Boy's or Girl's Club, 4H Club, YM/YWCA or similar youth club or organization may be substituted. Twelve hours service at a Beaver, Cub or Scout camp actively working with youth may be substituted.
  7. Demonstrate leadership in a peer environment by being involved with a decision making body (i.e. Youth Forums, Student Council, other groups)

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