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The Red Star provides a variety of basic Health and safety activities for children with only limited exposure to common sports, and a little knowledge of good health habits. A healthy Cub will more easily develop a good self-image. Learning how to take care of themselves gives children a positive feeling of responsibility . It also gives the necessary self-confidence they need to stand up to peer pressure for health actions that may hurt their bodies. Being healthy and active is an important lifestyle habit, which when started young, will stay with them until their adult lives.



Red Star activities develop attitudes, knowledge and skills relating to personal fitness and positive healthy lifestyles. [1]


To earn the Red Star, choose and do any five (5) of the A Requirements and any two (2) of the B Requirements. These activities can be done by yourself, or with your six, pack, family or friends.

A. Requirements (any 5)

  • A1 Choose and do any five of the athletic activities illustrated in this chapter (front roll, back roll, etc. from pages 173, 174 of The Cub Book).
  • A2 Develop and follow your own personal active living program, with at least 15 minutes per day of activity for a two-week period.
  • A3 Describe some safety rules for water activities.
  • A4 Lead a group in an active game, and explain why good sportsmanship is important.
  • A5 Discuss how to protect your body from injury in different sports (e.g. using eye protectors, mouth guard, helmets or padding).
  • A6 Show the proper way to sit, stand, walk and run. Learn how to take your pulse rate before and after exercise.
  • A7 Plan balanced meals for home or camp.
  • A8 Describe the dangers of the common cold, and explain three ways to prevent it from spreading.
  • A9 Describe how to take care of your own clothing and belongings, and explain why such care is important.
  • A10 Describe how to take care of your hair, ears, eyes, teeth, nose, nails and feet, and explain why. Explain the importance of washing your hands before handling food, before eating, and after using the washroom.

B. Requirements (any 2)

  • B1 Meet with a health worker or other knowledgeable adult to discuss, or make a display showing the effects tobacco use has on your body.
  • B2 Meet with a health worker, police officer or other knowledgeable adult to discuss, or make a display showing the effects of alcohol and drug abuse have on your body.
  • B3 Design, build and use a simple gym or an outdoor obstacle course.

Red Star is the cornerstone of the Health and Fitness section of the Cub program.

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