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SPICES stands for a set of youth development goals covering six areas: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, and Spiritual. SPICES represents one of the three main elements of the Canadian Path.

  • Social - Acquire the concept of interdependence with others, explore a sense of being part of a diverse group and develop my abilities in cooperation and leadership.
  • Physical - Be responsible for the care and well-being of my own body.
  • Intellectual - Develop my ability to think, to plan, to innovate and to use information in an original way to adapt to new situations.
  • Character - Learn responsibility towards myself while at the same time balancing that with respect for others.
  • Emotional - Recognize my own feelings and learn to express them in a healthy manner while respecting the feelings of others.
  • Spiritual - Learn to recognize that I am a part of a larger spiritual reality and to respect the spiritual choices of others.

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