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Covers sailboats, sailing dinghies and keelboats.

NOTE: You must wear a properly fitted PFD while in a boat.


  1. Have at least the Canadian Red Cross Society's Blue or Small Craft Safety Survival Level or the YMCA's Star IV Award, or demonstrate the following:
    1. Safety knowledge in, and on water.
    2. From shore, a dock and from a boat, throw a reaching assist, a throwing assist (no line) and a throwing assist (with line) to someone in difficulty, two metres from yourself. Bring the casualty to safety and secure, talking to the casualty throughout to calm them.
    3. While fully clothed and wearing a P.F.D. jump into deep water, tread water for five minutes without signs of stress and then swim 100 metres with any stroke.
    4. Demonstrate the Help/huddle positions as used in and out of the water.
    5. Show how to contact emergency services.
  2. Properly select and wear a PFD.
  3. Demonstrate the appropriate use of the safety equipment required for your craft by Transport Canada.
    1. Name and point out 25 parts of the hull and fittings, rigging, and sail.
    2. Explain the difference between the following types of boats: cat-rigged, dinghy, sailboard, keelboat, and catamaran.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of proper procedures of care, maintenance and storage of your craft, and personal equipment.
    1. Demonstrate the proper methods of launching and landing a boat at a dock and shoreline. Demonstrate starting and stopping a motor if applicable.
    2. Correctly rig and de-rig your vessel.
    1. Understand the basic concepts that affect boat stability.
    2. Demonstrate stability of the boat by vigorously rocking it for 30 seconds.
    1. Demonstrate safe entry and exit from craft and changing of positions in a safe manner.
    2. Demonstrate how to right a capsized boat. (if applicable)
    3. Know how to tie and what the following knots are used for; Reef Knot, Figure 8, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Bowline, Rolling Hitch and Sheet Bend.
    4. Properly secure the vessel to a dock by the bow, or/and by the bow and stern, using any extra lines required for weather conditions.
  4. With adult guidance, demonstrate the following:
    1. Manoeuvre your boat to and from a dock, mooring and a beach.
    2. Sail a boat on both tacks.
    3. Sail a beam reach on both tacks.
    4. Sail a run on both tacks without gybing.
    5. Demonstrate how to tack and gyb in both directions.
    1. Knowledge of Scouts Canada's watercraft regulations (as described in B.P.&P.)
    2. Creation and use of a Float Plan.
    3. Knowledge of the potential dangerous waters in your area.

Pre-2011 version

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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article is no longer be applicable to the current program.
It remains here for reference purposes only.
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