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== Current Order Form ==
== Current Order Form ==
Printable order for 2017: [[Media:PrintReadyOrderForm-2017.pdf]]
Printable order for 2017: [[Media:PrintReadyOrderForm-2017.pdf]]
[http://www.scouts.ca/popcorn/dl/kit/2018-popcorn-orderform.pdf Printable order for 2018]
Image to share on social media
Image to share on social media
== Money Raised ==
== Money Raised ==

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Since 1989, Canadian Scouts from all across the country have sold over $100 million of Scout Popcorn, with 60% of funds raised have gone directly back to local Scouting activities such as: summer camps, Jamborees, canoe trips, group excursions, and to help subsidize registration fees. Since the inception of the program, local Scouts have raised nearly $60 million dollars in support of their local activities making the Scouts Popcorn program one of the top fundraisers in Canada.


General Information

Scout Popcorn is Scouts Canada's official fundraiser.

Scout Popcorn became Scouts Canada's national fundraiser in 1995.

Scout popcorn is a great holiday gift for family and friends. Members of the community can order it in the fall and it is delivered in December, just in time for the holiday season.

Scouts Canada has partnered with Trail's End Popcorn since 1989.

Current Order Form

Printable order for 2018

2018-popcorn-orderform-cover.jpg Image to share on social media

Money Raised

Since 1989, Scouts have sold more than $100 million in Scout Popcorn.

The fundraiser has a high return rate with 60% going back to support local Scouting. That translates to $60 million raised since the program's inception.

In 2013, Scouts Canada had sales of nearly $9.5 Million dollars that returned over $5.7 million dollars to local Scouting.

Local Scout groups decide how they will allocate their funds raised, such as supporting camping and international trips or purchasing camping equipment.

The 2011 top seller was an 11-year-old girl from British Columbia who sold $17,038, raising $10,223 for her Group and earning herself $1,022 in scholarship funds towards her post-secondary education.

Post-Secondary Scholarship Program

Through Scout Popcorn sales, Scouting youth have the opportunity to participate in a scholarship program and raise money for their post-secondary educations.

Scouts who sell $2,500 of popcorn in a single year will receive six per cent of their total sales for that year and each year going forward, to be invested into an account to be applied to future education expenses, including tuition, books, housing and other fees.

Through the scholarship program, $54,000 has been given out to 77 youth across Canada for their post-secondary education expenses.

At the time of writing, over 915 Scouts were in the program.

Canadian Forces

Customers can also choose to send a gift of popcorn to Canadian Forces bases in Canada and overseas.

Gifts come in denominations of $30 are delivered in bulk in the New Year.


Popcorn sales have other life learning benefits too. In addition to raising money, youth develop valuable business skills and learn about financial responsibility, marketing strategy development and time management while also increasing their self-esteem and confidence in the process.

Youth also have fun as they engage in friendly competition, vying for the coveted top seller spots and the fantastic prizes.

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