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Scout Popcorn is Scouts Canada’s official fundraiser, generating approximately $10 million in popcorn sales annually, with more than $100 million in sales since 1989. 60 per cent of the sales go back to support local Scouting. That’s more than $60 million raised for local Scouting since 1989. Scout Popcorn sales can turn into scholarship money. Scouts who sell $2,500 of popcorn in a single year will receive six per cent of their total sales for that year and each year going forward in a scholarship account to be applied to their post-secondary education. Customers can also choose to show their support for our Canadian Forces by sending a gift of Scout Popcorn to Canadian Forces men and women, their families and veterans’ organizations.

Scout Popcorn provides youth with many lessons including valuable business skills, financial responsibility, marketing strategy development and time management skills while also gaining positive self-esteem and confidence in the process. Scout Popcorn is a great holiday gift for family and friends. Members of the community can order it in the fall and it is delivered in December just in time for the holiday season.

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