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The Scout Method is the educational foundation of the Scout Program. It consists of seven parts:

  • The Scout Law and Promise
  • Learning by doing
  • The Team System (or Patrol System)
  • A symbolic framework
  • Nature
  • Personal Progression
  • Adult Support

Scouts Canada no longer emphasises the Scout Method and instead follows its Practices and Methods which are:

  • Commitment to the values in a Promise and Law
  • Learning by doing
  • Membership in small groups
  • Progressive and stimulating contemporary programs
  • Commitment to the values of doing one’s best, contributing to the community, respecting and caring for others, contributing as a family member
  • Relevant through youth and young adult engagement
  • Use of outdoor activities as a key learning resource.

For a definitive explanation of the Scout Method, see The Scout Method (produced by the World Organization of the Scout Movement).