Scoutcraft Skills Stage 4

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 4 Competencies & Requirements

  1. As part of a team, I have completed a Scoutcraft project using at least a square lashing to join two poles at right angles.
    • Scouts must have a Scouter inspect the construction before use.
  2. I can tie a figure eight, bowline, trucker’s hitch and sheet bend, and whip the end of a rope.
    • Scouts can tie the four knots to a mastery level with a firm feel for the knot, symmetry with no twists or crossovers in the knot, and with a 5–10 cm tail at the end of the knot where required.
    • A rope over 8mm in diameter is to be used to demonstrate the whipping skill.
  3. I can cook over a fire to roast and bake food items.
    • Scouts can cook (by both roasting and baking over a fire) enough food to be shared with the Patrol.
  4. I can use a knife safely (opening, closing, passing, cleaning, caring for) and have earned my knife permit.
    • Scouts must demonstrate these skills to a Scouter to obtain a permit.
  5. I know how to disinfect water for drinking.
    • Scouts must demonstrate this knowledge by preparing a minimum of a 1 litre bottle filled with water from a natural source.
  6. I can establish the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) without a magnetic compass or any electronic means.
    • Scouts can establish the cardinal points and explain how they accomplished this task.
  7. I can build a personal sleeping shelter out of snow or any other natural materials.
    • Scouts can construct a shelter that protects from wind, rain, sun and snow.
  8. I can safely identify three edible wild plants. (Note: Scouters must approve all plants before they are consumed by Scouts.)
    • Scouts can safely identify three edible wild plants in a natural setting and context. Scouters must approve all plants before they are consumed by Scouts.
  9. I can quickly (under 5 minutes) build an emergency warming fire for a group of three persons without using tools (only matches).
    • Within five minutes (timed), Scouts can build a fire that should be burning sufficiently so that it does not require fuel or manipulation to remain reliably burning.
  10. I know what to do if lost and alone outdoors with no constructed shelter available.
    • Scouts know:
      • To not panic and try to stay calm.
      • To call out for help or use a signaling device such as whistle or phone.
      • To retrace their steps, if possible—otherwise, stay put in place.
      • To try to find or make a shelter out of the wind and precipitation.
      • To dress warmly; light a warming and signal fire if possible.
      • To spread out visible material on the ground for air searchers to see.
  11. I can set up a tree food hang to protect my food from animals.
    • Scouts can set up a hang that can support at least 5 kilograms of weight.