Scoutcraft Skills Stage 5

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 5 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have built a lean-to shelter and an A-frame sleeping tripod shelter, using wood and tied with four lashing knots: square, diagonal, tripod and shear lashings.
    • Scouts can build both of these shelters, suitable for one person to sleep in.
  2. I have cooked with cast iron cookware (or substitute cookware materials) by placing cookware in the fire/coals as well as on top of the fire/coals.
    • Scouts can cook a meal over a fire or coals using cast iron cookware suitable to feed a minimum of three persons.
  3. I know how to use a camp axe and camp folding or bow saw safely (opening, closing, passing, cleaning, caring for, sharpening, cutting) and have obtained the appropriate permits for these.
    • Scouts will demonstrate axe and saw skills consistently over a campout.
  4. I have maintained and used a commercial backpacking portable water treatment device and know the limitations, advantages and disadvantages of these devices.
    • Scouts will demonstrate these skills over a campout or a two-day trail outing.
  5. I have navigated, all off trail, 3 km to a predetermined fixed point in a wilderness area using a magnetic compass bearing.
    • Scouts are to demonstrate this skill by leading a Patrol on an off-trail outing over 3 km using a magnetic compass bearing.
  6. I have built and slept out at least two nights in a shelter big enough for three persons and made of only natural materials found outdoors and rope.
    • Scouts can construct a shelter suitable enough to keep out wind and precipitation, and the shelter has been used over at least two nights.
  7. I have caught, cleaned and cooked a fish over a campfire.
    • Scouts may use any tools or equipment they can carry in a backpack to accomplish this task.
    • Scouts must follow local regulations with regard to both fishing and campfires.
  8. I have laid and lit a teepee fire, pyramid fire, star fire and reflector fire.
    • Scouts are to demonstrate all four of these fires to a level that is suitable enough to warm one person.
  9. I have built an improvised stretcher out of rope, overnight backpacking camping equipment and natural materials found outdoors.
    • Scouts are to construct a stretcher suitable to carry the weight of one person.
  10. I have dehydrated 1000 calories of food and taken it on a camping trip as my trail snack for two days.
    • Scouts are to share this dehydrated food with their Patrol during a hiking or camping outing.