Scoutcraft Skills Stage 6

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 6 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have built a usable Burma/Monkey bridge.
    • Scouts can construct a bridge a minimum of 5 metres long. The bridge can be tested, but should not be used high off the ground.
  2. I have built and cooked on a personal-sized stove only made out of tin cans, wax, candle wicks and cardboard (a buddy stove).
    • Scouts can demonstrate their stove’s capacity to boil a pot of water for a hot drink.
  3. Using a knife and axe, I have prepared a 10-person campfire with tinder, kindling and fuel logs gathered from a forest floor. The fire burned for 5 hours with all wood gathered before the fire was lit (no gathering additional fire wood once the fire is lit and burning).
    • Scouts can demonstrate this skill at an evening campout fire.
  4. I have built a solar still and collected at least one cup of drinking water from the still.
    • Scouts can demonstrate this skill to their Patrol.
  5. I have navigated to and found 10 geocache locations.
    • Scouts can use any type of navigational aids, but they need to explain how they navigated to the cache sites.
  6. I have constructed and slept two nights in an igloo, quinzee or trench snow shelter capable of sleeping three persons.
    • Scouts demonstrating this skill do not need to use their shelter on consecutive nights, and they do not need to share their shelter with two other Scouts overnight.
  7. I have identified 15 bird species in the wild using a written birding record journal.
    • Scouts can identify 15 bird species in the wild using a written birding record journal that includes information such as species name, habitat, weather, date/time, appearance, behaviour, flock size, etc.
  8. I can light a fire using only mechanical means (flint and steel, ferrocerium striker or friction-i.e. bow and drill).
    • Scouts are to be able to light a three-person warming fire.
  9. I know how to send a signal for help, without any electronic means, in four different ways that can be observed by air searchers.
    • Scouts can explain the four air search signal methods.
  10. From wood I have not harvested from a live source, I have carved and used my own hiking “Scout” staff on a trail hike.
    • Scouts can use the staff on at least five hiking days.