Scoutcraft Skills Stage 7

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 7 Competencies & Requirements

  1. Using spars (poles) and rope, I have constructed a 3m-high tower or a bridge over a 3m span.
    • Scouts can complete this construction with the help of other Patrol members.
  2. I have taught five knots to younger Scout members.
    • Scouts can teach the knots to a mastery level with a firm feel for the knot, symmetry with no twists or crossovers in the knot, with a 5–10 cm tail at the end of the knot as required.
  3. I have made a vagabond/tin can stove and cooked a personal camp meal on it.
    • Scout can demonstrate the stove and how it works.
  4. I can construct a 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1 rope pulley system to raise or move loads or tension lines.
    • Scouts can build all these systems and demonstrate the function by moving a 20 kilogram load.
  5. I have made newspapers fire logs and/or bricks, sufficient to have a three-hour warming fire indoors in a stove or fireplace or outside with a campfire.
    • Scouts can demonstrate the use of this newspaper material to keep three persons warm.
  6. I can identify the poisonous living organisms, animals and plants in Canada.
    • Scouts can describe the poisonous flora and fauna in their part of Canada.
  7. I have made and used a solar snow melt reflector or absorber to melt enough snow to generate 2 litres of drinking water.
    • Scouts can produce the water over several days of a campout.
  8. Using a topographic map and magnetic compass, I have taught younger Scouts to determine their location on a map and to make their way to another location on a map.
    • Scouts can teach these lessons over multiple days.
  9. I have organized a Scout group and participated in five days of trail or tent campsite construction/maintenance/cleanup work.
    • Scouts do not have to complete the five days of work at one time.
  10. I can make a marine rescue Mayday radio call using the required procedures and voice script.
    • Scouts can demonstrate this knowledge and refer to and use the Transport Canada Radio Distress Call script.
  11. I have constructed and used an improvised or commercial solar shower at camp or on a camping trip.
    • The shower can be used over several days.