Scoutcraft Skills Stage 9

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 9 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have built a large temporary pole and lashing “gateway” entrance (with flag pole) for a jamboree or campout activity site.
    • Scouts can construct this gateway with the assistance of their Patrol.
  2. Using only wood as a fuel source, I have built a reflector camp oven and cooked a meal for a minimum of five persons, including both roasted and baked food preparation.
    • Scouts can provide this meal over several meal times.
  3. I know all the safety techniques, operating procedures, personal protective equipment and hazard identification/defence for chainsaw use to both fell a tree and buck up downed wood.
    • Scouts are to explain and demonstrate these chainsaw skills to an experienced and qualified chainsaw operator.
  4. I have built and used an improvised potable water filter.
    • Any type of filter can be made as long as 10 litres of water can be filtered.
  5. Using GPS devices, I have set up and facilitated a ten-station outdoor orienteering course activity for Scouts.
    • Scouts can lead this activity for a group of younger Scouts.
    • Scouts can teach GPS operation and map reading.
  6. I have planted a minimum of 100 new trees.
    • Scouts do not have to complete this planting at one time.
  7. I have built and used a Leave No Trace warming fire for 10 persons for three hours.
    • Scouts can ensure no markings are left on the ground (once it is out and disassembled).
  8. I have led a team on an evacuation simulation exercise of a victim being carried out on at the minimum 3 km of trail using only an improvised stretcher (Note: It is expected youth to have training in wilderness first aid before undertaking this activity).
    • Scouts can conduct this exercise with the utmost in safety in mind.
    • There should be more than adequate persons to address fatigue issues with stretcher bearers.
    • There is to be an improvised mock casualty in the stretcher that weighs the equivalent of an adult victim.
  9. I have run a field camp kitchen for two days or more, for a Cub Scout (or younger) group.
    • Scouts can operate the camp kitchen with assistance from other Patrol members.