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A list of debunked myths, urban legends, and common misconceptions. Links to references are included where applicable.

When in doubt regarding a national policy, contact the relevant member of the [National Leadership Team], or the help desk (


Friendship Knot

Myth: The friendship knot is not approved. It may be used on any day of the week ending in "y".

Fact: There is no restriction on the use of the friendship knot in place of the woggle.


The 3 Year Rule

Myth: Volunteers/youth members have 3 years to switch to the new Scouts Canada uniform design introduced in 2011.

Fact: This is not true. There is no mandatory timeline for the transition.


Scouting is for Boys

Myth: Scouting in Canada is only for boys.

Fact: Scouts Canada is fully coed, and has been for over a decade.


Staff cannot Volunteer

Myth: Professional staff cannot volunteer in any capacity.

Fact: Not true. Staff are allowed and even encouraged to volunteer.


Sleep in Cars

Myth: Scouters are not allowed to sleep in vechicles at camp.

Fact: There is no such restriction in the BP&P. Scouters are encouraged to use their common sense, and to follow the Duty of Care and other policies regarding the supervision of youth.