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A list of debunked myths, urban legends, and common misconceptions. Links to references are included where applicable.

When in doubt regarding a national policy, contact the relevant member of the National Leadership Team, or the help desk (


Friendship Knot

Myth: The friendship knot is not approved for wear on Scouts Canada properties. It may not be used on any day of the week ending in "y", except with written approval from the Chief Commissioner.

Fact: There is no restriction on the use of the friendship knot in place of the woggle. In fact, it is a great casual alternative!

Source: Friendship Knot

The 3 Year Rule

Myth: Volunteers/youth members have 3 years to switch to the new Scouts Canada uniform design introduced in 2011.

Fact: This is not true. There is no mandatory timeline for the transition.


Scouting is for Boys

Myth: Scouting in Canada is only for boys.

Fact: Scouts Canada is fully coed, and has been for over a decade.

Source: Section 3000 of BP&P.

Staff cannot Volunteer

Myth: Professional staff cannot volunteer in any capacity.

Fact: Not true. Staff are allowed and even encouraged to volunteer.


Sleep in Cars

Myth: Scouters are not allowed to sleep in vechicles at camp.

Fact: There is no such restriction in the BP&P. Scouters are encouraged to use their common sense, and to follow the Duty of Care and other policies regarding the supervision of youth.

Source: Duty of Care