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Scouting is a worldwide movement and ScoutsAbroad is a way for every member of Scouts Canada to get out into the world. Through the different sections of this program, everyone will develop an understanding of the world and their place in it.


International Development Projects (Brotherhood Projects)

This is where Scouting will take you: to another side of the world, working side by side with other members of Scouting, fighting poverty and inequality to make a lasting change in the world. From as early as Beaver Scouts we learn to help take care of the world, to do our best, be prepared, challenge ourselves and serve others. International development projects through ScoutsAbroad put everything you’ve learned to the test, and give you the opportunity to grow, to build your resume, to find your passion in life, and to change the world. It’s youth development through International development and it starts with Scouts.

Past Projects

Project Name Country Year
Madagascar 2016 Madagascar 2016
Belize 2015 Belize 2015
Peru 2014 Peru 2014
Madagascar 2014 Madagascar 2014
Paraguay 2014 Paraguay 2014
Peru 2013 Peru 2013
Kenya 2012 Kenya 2012
Madagascar 2012 Madagascar 2012
Mexico 2011 Mexico 2011
South Africa 2010: Defending Mafikeng South Africa 2010
Paraguay 2009 Paraguay 2009
Peru 2009 Peru 2009
Gambia 2007 Gambia 2007
Belize 2006 Belize 2006

Pen Pal Program

The ScoutsAbroad Pen Pal Program is a way for every youth, starting with the youngest Beaver Scout, can make friends with Scouts around the world. There are over 30 million Scouts in 161 countries worldwide. Through the Pen Pal Program, you can learn about different customs, learn about how scouting is different (and how it’s the same) and make new friends in every corner of the world!

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Internet (JOTI)

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