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As noted in Scouters' Tip - PAB, existing inventory for Cultural Awareness Challenge Badge should be used before new designs are used. The ScoutShop may not have new Canadian Path based badges until the 2011 program change versions are used. Being wise in the use of your Group's inventory is also recommended

See Personal Achievement Badges - Scouts as well as The Canadian Path - Scout, including:

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From the Scouter Manual:

Scouts Canada PAB.png

Scouts Canada

Objective: I will explore what it means to be an active and contributing citizen of my country, Canada.

When planning your adventure, consider including:

  • an aspect that helps you learn about and/or engage municipal, provincial and/or national levels of government
  • community involvement or service
  • the spirit of the Scout Law or Promise in your adventure

Here are some ideas to get you going on creating your own adventures:

Adventure Idea 1: Explore Canada’s Provinces and Territories 1. What do you find most fascinating about that province or territory? Find out about its points of interest, flag, crest, provincial/territorial flower, provincial/territorial tree, provincial/ territorial bird, history and key geographical wonders. Create a game for your Patrol or a younger Section that uses these elements as answers to trivia questions, items to collect in a scavenger hunt, memory flash cards, or some other fun way to learn about another province or territory’s symbols, history and culture. 2. Create a plan for visiting another province or territory. Research historical sites, museums and accommodation for a trip you might make soon or in the future. Visit the province or territory and put your plan into action. You might travel with your family, or with your Troop – possibly to attend a jamboree! 3. With the support of your Scouters, organize a video call or Pen Pal opportunity with a Troop in a part of Canada beyond your home province or territory. Ask some questions of the other See Personal Achievement Badges - Scouts as well as The Canadian Path - Scout, including:

PAB Resources:

Scouters' Tips:

From the Scouter Manual:

Scouts to find out how their part of Canada is the same as your

own, and how it’s different. You might ask about wildlife, the natural landscape, the seasonal weather, and so on.

4. If you were dividing up the country into provinces and territories, how might you divide up the regions and why? Draw your version of Canada. What names might you give any new provinces or territories? 5. Start a collection that reflects Canada’s different provinces and territories. You might try to collect crests from all of Canada’s provinces and territories, or pins, or postcards… Share your collection with your Patrol. What provinces and territories are most difficult to collect? Adventure Idea 2: Be an Explorer 1. Visit the historic sites closest to your home. Read the plaques at the sites. Look at your surroundings and consider how things have changed since the time commemorated on the plaque. 2. Visit a local museum or interview an historian (possibly a history teacher) to find out more about the history of your community, and your community’s place in the history of Canada. 3. Pick one key story about the explorer who put your part of the country on the map and practise telling it until you can bring it to life for an audience, then share it at Scouts or in another appropriate group. 4. Do you feel that the history of your town is properly celebrated? Imagine a way to recognize some of your community’s history (like the contributions of First Nations, explorers or settlers). Write an email or a letter to an elected official to share your idea(s). 5. With your Patrol or Troop, re-enact a chapter of your community’s history. You might hike or paddle an early travel route, spend the night at an historic site or share a meal that has historic and cultural significance to your area. Other Ideas! Start with these and develop the five parts to your adventure.

  • Visit a national historic site. (Sites are listed on the Parks Canada website.)
  • Tour your provincial legislature or Parliament. Arrange to visit with your MLA, MPP, MNA or MHA in their office at the provincial legislature or your MP in Ottawa, if possible.
  • What is an issue of Canadian significance that is important to you? Send an email or write a letter to your Member of Parliament about the issue. Find other ways to make a positive difference regarding the issue.
  • During a federal election, watch a televised debate between the party leaders. Find out how and where you would vote in your area, if you were old enough. If possible, go with an adult when he/she goes to vote, to see how things are set up and how they work. Research candidates for your riding during a federal election. Chart their parties’ positions on several issues. Watch the polls and predict who will win for your riding.
  • We honour the Flag of Canada within our Scouting ceremonies. Use the flag as the basis for an art project (a collage, a sculpture, a quilt, etc.). Perhaps your flag can hang in your Scouting meeting place.
  • Organize your Patrol or your family to volunteer for a day building or maintaining a section of the Trans Canada Trail in your community.
  • Invite a First Nations elder to visit your Troop. Find out about his of her culture and the community's history in your part of the country.

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for 'Rideau Trail' [[Category:Rideau Trail]] (Citizenship), Red Coat Trail (Leadership) and West Coast Trail (Beliefs & Values) to inspire an adventure to try on your own.

See Scouting at Home: Personal Achievement Badge of the Week CANADA (July 2020)