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The Scouts Canada Wiki is a site for volunteers to gather and contribute program materials.

For more information, see the site's main page and the site disclaimer.


Site Principles

Design Principles

  • KISS - Keep It Simple, Scouters!
  • Simple, clean content is easier to read and makes a better reference.
  • Badge Requirements and the like should be uncluttered, so they can be easily viewed or printed for reference purposes. Program suggestions and other links can follow along the bottom of the page.
  • No fancy formatting or distracting formatting, please.
  • Included images should be simple and small. A "patch theme" is thus far being used, with the hopes of giving the site a campfire blanket appeal. Transparent backgrounds are preferred.

Content Principles

  • Any item deserving its own page of content should be on it's own page. Consider breaking a complex page into multiple focused pages.
  • Included material is to be related directly to Scout Canada program delivery.
  • Not to include copyrighted materials (see Scouts_Canada_Wiki:Copyrights). It is best to to add links and commentary to such material.
  • New pages must be appropriately named, with either the full badge name (including "Badge", "Award", etc.). Section specific pages should be prefixed (E.g. "Cub Scouts -", "Scouts -", etc.). Generally applicable pages should be prefixed with a topic area name, such as "Game -", "Skill -", "Song -", "Craft - "etc.
  • Please use MediaWiki categories to help organize related articles. (See the list of used categories by this wiki.)

Administrative Conventions

  • This site is publicly available, but can only be contributed to by members.
  • Inappropriate content or comments can (and will) be removed by a site administrator or site members. Site members abusing this site will be removed and banned.

Scouts Canada Web Site Guidelines

  • Where possible, the guidelines in Scouts Canada Web Site Guidelines should be followed. The highlights of this include:
    • Contents must be consistent with Missions, Laws, Promise, Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada.
    • Links to other sites are permitted (and encouraged), provided their content is consistent with Missions, Laws, Promise, ByLaw, Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada.
    • Advertising is not permitted.
    • Discussion forums (a separate "tab" on each article) must be password protected for members only and are monitored to ensure they are in keeping with the mission, principles and laws of Scouting.
    • No photos of youth should be personally identified and no personal information should be disclosed.

Any concerns or questions should be sent to

What is this?

  • A resource for anyone in a leadership role within Scouts Canada. (These include Scouters and youth in leadership roles.)
  • Program suggestions focused on program delivery and badge requirement for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts.
  • A cross-listed reference of badge work, so when you work on one badge requirement you'll know if it applies to another badge as well.
  • The history book to help members find their roots in the past of our organization.
  • What is a Wiki Site? Think of this site as a pot-luck meal. Bring something you think others will enjoy and help yourself to anything that others brought!

What isn't this?

  • This is not a site of official Scouts Canada information, rather it is a resource containing both official and member-contributed materials.
  • This is not intended to replace any official Scouts Canada training, but provided to augment it.
  • This is not a definitive source of information for Scouts Canada programs, but is provided to help those who deliver them.
  • This is not a repository of duplicate information found elsewhere on the Internet; links to other resources should be given where appropriate.
  • This is not the official Scouts Canada Facebook discussion group, nor is it twitter or facebook; use those tools for the social media activities, please!

Who can use this site?

How does it work?

  • Look up any badge that your Scouts Canada group is currently working on, or planning to work on, for resources, suggestions, ideas or even full program plans that you can use.
  • Make any changes (registered users only) to the ones you see if you have ideas for improvements or alternatives.
  • Make comments on the discussion page (registered users only) of any of the program suggestions (or anything in the wiki, including images and documents, for that matter).
  • Any objectionable content can be retracted by using page history. Abusive users and inappropriate content should be reported to the wiki administrator immediately, wherein those users may be blocked.
  • Learn how to edit pages and add original ideas of your own!