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I am a wiki minor administrator at work. I have spent a good amount of time categorizing pages on this site to make it easier to use. At work I have delete privilege. I have a BCs and a decent understanding of copyright. I think I could be a good candidate for delete access on this site if you think it helpful.

For example I just found a Magic Hat game which is really just a version of Duck, Duck, Goose. I see a LOT of variations of this game played by Scouts Canada and think it would be much more practical to have them on the same page (when looking for a game I don't want to stumble across yet another variation of this game, I can go to the 1 page which has all variations whenever I wish). I would like to delete the original page but don't have permission.

I think I can be helpful in this role, you're call.

  • You've always had the power. With the rare exception of offensive material and the need to block those trying to make spam links, there is never a need to delete anything. All users have the power to change content (which scares off a few that feel control is needed), ever rename and redirect pages. As a crowd we have the power to make this resource work. Any and all changes is transparent to all, so we know who did what. I believe (strongly) that members should have this power and should use it when the content warrants. I have merged and renamed articles and will likely do so again as the site evolves. (I hope to also spend some time simplifying games categories this summer... but one thing at a time!) Keep on contributing, you are one of the core site contributors and we thank you! --SteveMatheson 09:32, 5 June 2012 (EDT)