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Show an interest in the space sciences.

Handbook Page


  • Part A - Knowledge:
    1. Learn about the make-up of the universe including:
      • Its composition
      • Solar system
      • The sun
      • The earth
      • Space radiation
    2. Describe the principles associated with rocket propulsion.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of space vehicles.
    4. Creatively describe the following:
      • Kepler's Law (Kepler's Laws with animation)
      • Newton's Law (Newton's Laws: Force Info)
      • How an orbit works (How Orbits Work)
      • The types of orbits (Types of Orbits)
    5. Understand basic satellite designs.
    6. Describe the major moments in Canadian space history.
  • Part B - Proficiency:
    1. Make a list of the different ways in which we utilize space today.
    2. Design a rocket or satellite, and explain its parts.
  • Part C -Initiative
    1. Visit an agency associated with space exploration. (e.g. museum, web site).
    2. Describe, including the educational requirements needed, four jobs related to the space industry.

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