T-shirt Bleach Designs

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  • coloured t-shirts
  • spray bottle
  • bleach
  • waterproof drop cloth or tarp
  • newspaper, old towels
  • cardboard
  • bucket or sink/tub of water
  • Stencil materials, such as:
    • Leaves
    • Shapes
      • Fun-foam shapes work well
    • adhesive letters
      • Again, fun foam works well. The adhesive is optional, well behaved shapes (doesn't curl) work well.
    • spray adhesive (e.g Krylon EasyTack)
      • This is optional, but may be recommended if dealing with shapes that curl up, such as dried out autumn leaves
      • One camp without spray adhesive available, we used slightly diluted table syrup. Worked great!
    • painter’s tape
  • vinyl gloves

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