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This article is great! (Although it should be renamed "Scouting Myths", as it does not deal with Urban Legends... nor should it.) For years "older" scouters have told me that we can't do this, or we can't do that... without really having a section of the BP&P to directly quote to support their position. This (growing) list of with definitive references debunking these myths is really valuable. I will add more once I find the exact verbiage and BP&P sections to support them. Maybe people can help. --SteveMatheson 14:35, 16 May 2012 (EDT)

Myths that need busting:

(Things to be added to the page, but definitive supporting references are needed first. Note that all should be myths that have been encountered while in Scouting and need to be debunked.)

  • Scouts cannot participate in activities that require waivers from third parties (wall climbing facilities, for example)
    • May reference BP&P 13025 – WAIVERS
  • You can't be a Scout without going camping.
    • You can, but you cannot earn several of the badges or awards.
    • (LDS Cubs may have an exception?)
  • Leaders cannot share accommodations with their child.
    • (I was called to task on this years ago, after sharing a tent with my daughter that was having camp anxiety issues. While exceptional and not ideal circumstance, not against BP&P.)


Hmmm... while it's fun to poke some humour at Doug Reid, let's at least be truthful. The myth is he's a robot. We can include a few jokes, but let's at least keep the truth. (Even if Doug does follow Asimov's three rules of robotics. :) Otherwise, this article could devolve into a series of jokes.

  • Joke removed by creator. Doug saw it and thought it was very funny. I will also confirm that he is a real person.