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The Tawny Star provides simple projects to simulate imagination for children with only limited experience with creatively solving problems. Too often adults give children pre-determined projects to work on; successful completion is judged by adults. The Tawny Star provides activities that leave the end product up to the Cub to decide.



Tawny Star activities develop and shape basic creative attitudes, skills and knowledge. [1]


To earn the Tawny Star, choose and do any six of the A requirements and any three of B requirements:

A. Requirements (any 6)

  • A1 Show how to safely use simple tools, including a pocket knife.
  • A2 Make a simple article such as a puppet, toy or game, papier-mache item, woggle, etc.
  • A3 Type a simple message, letter, story or poem.
  • A4 Make a working model and demonstrate its operation.
  • A5 Build and fly a model airplane or kite.
  • A6 Make and play a simple musical instrument.
  • A7 Make and use a simple periscope.
  • A8 Write a story, skit, poem or limerick.
  • A9 Produce an original and imaginative piece of art such as a mobile, sculpture, driftwood article, display of sketches or photographs, picture puzzle, or collage.
  • A10 Send and receive a message in code, such as morse code, semaphore or a secret code you made up yourself.

B. Requirements (any 3)

  • B1 Tell a story using photographs, slides, video tape, or puppets.
  • B2 Make and set up something related to the environment, such as a weather vane, nest box, bird feeder, or composter.
  • B3 Paint a mural or do a poster for an event such as Fire Prevention Week, Scoutrees for Canada, National Wildlife Week, Scout-Guide Week or any other special occasion.
  • B4 From scrap material, make equipment for games: tetherball equipment, bean bags, rope rings, a slide, swing, trapeze, etc.
  • B5 Without hurting nature, make a decorative piece such as a wall plaque, framed picture, lamp shade or lamp stand from a collection of natural articles.
  • B6 Recite, sing or perform a skit from a story you have read or written, such as the life of Baden-Powell.

Tawny Star is the cornerstone of the Creative Expression section of the Cub program.

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