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Online Resource: Online Resource - Outdoor Adventure Skills - Skills - Competencies

See the rest of the Outdoor Adventure Skills.

The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while always staying within their capabilities to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences.

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Each Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway is divided into nine stages with a badge awarded for each stage.

Scouts from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts are encouraged to work on the stage that is appropriate for their abilities and experience.

[[File:{{{3}}}-1.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_1]] [[File:{{{3}}}-2.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_2]] [[File:{{{3}}}-3.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_3]] [[File:{{{3}}}-4.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_4]] [[File:{{{3}}}-5.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_5]] [[File:{{{3}}}-6.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_6]] [[File:{{{3}}}-7.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_7]] [[File:{{{3}}}-8.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_8]] [[File:{{{3}}}-9.png|50px|link={{{1}}}_Stage_9]]