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(Tiger Cheer needing a Cheer Leader and any number of campers)
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[Tiger Cheer | '''Tiger Cheer''']

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1. Cheer Leader stands in the centre of the campfire circle.

2. Cheer Leader shouts "It's" and points to a starting point in the campfire circle.

3. When pointed to, any camper growls "Grrrr" and continues until #6 below.

4. Cheer Leader moves her/his pointing arm around the circle until pointing back at the starting point. (by now everyone is growling "Grrr")

5. When pointing back at the starting point, the Cheer Leader jumps into the air and....

6. upon the Cheer Leader landing, everyone shouts "ate"

--S HARTROPP 08:58, 12 June 2011 (EDT)