Trail Cards

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Trail Cards are a part of the Canadian Path.

Each card, usually a single piece of paper and often double sided, describe an Adventure.


Each card may contain:

  • Trail Card title
  • The Adventure: a brief description of the activity
  • Program Area with link to Symbolic Framework and icon from Section Map
  • Plan: Questions to help get youth (supported—not led—by Scouters) started on the planning process. Scouters should support youth planning by asking additional questions
  • Do: Share the Adventure—have fun!
  • Review: Questions to help youth (supported—not led—by Scouters) review the Adventure
  • Online Resources: Hyperlinks to videos + websites
  • Safety Note: Safety considerations specific to the activity—standard safety practices still apply
  • Tips for Scouters: (where applicable—Beaver Scouters only)

For individual trail cards, see the Canadian Path web site, Under "For Youth", select the desired section, and then look for the "Tail Cards" portion of the page, categorized by program area.

Note that Trail Cards functionally replace Jumpstarts.