Trail Skills Stage 9

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Trail Skills - Stage 9 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I know what equipment is required for various hiking expeditions and the correct use and care of this equipment.
    • Scouts can demonstrate their knowledge and competency in this area by discussing various situations and the types of equipment (including personal and group equipment) needed and used.
  2. I can be responsible for others in various situations on hiking expeditions longer than two nights.
    • Scouts can demonstrate their expertise by leading a number of hiking expeditions and have the confidence and leadership skills to lead a hiking expedition in various terrains.
  3. I can assess risk and take appropriate action to ensure safety.
    • Scouts can recognize the dangers that might be present and other safety considerations for hiking expeditions of various lengths.
    • Scouts can create a risk management control and safety plan.
  4. Where possible, I have taken part in and contributed to the planning of an expedition to 3250m.
    • Scouts can display high level of competency to participate in a high-altitude hiking expedition.
  5. I can practise basic winter hiking skills.
    • Scouts can demonstrate the preparation hiking and safety skills needed to hike in winter conditions.
  6. I have a logbook detailing at least 20 hikes and expeditions that I have undertaken since Stage 7.
    • Scouts can add the details for these hikes including the location, route, weather, interesting points, etc. to their logbook.
  7. I can create an exciting expedition while catering for everyone’s needs.
    • Scouts can lead the development of a hiking expedition for their own age group, as well as younger Scouts.
    • Scouts can discuss and assess the skill level of others and be aware of the challenges that may be encountered on a hiking expedition.
  8. I can budget, prepare and manage every aspect of the expedition without input from Scouters.
    • Scouts can use their knowledge from other expeditions to lead the financial planning and budgeting portion of a hiking expedition.