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Tri-Shores Council is a principle volunteer support division of Scouts Canada with a geographic focus of Southwestern Ontario.



Tri-Shores Council was formed in the early twenty-first century as an amalgamation of smaller geographic regions such as the Great Lakes Region which encompassed London to Windsor. Within these regions were Districts such as London which ultimately were the home to many Groups. Following the change, Districts were renamed Areas. It is important to keep in mind that there is some fluidity overtime with regard to the specific geographic boundaries of both Councils, Areas, and even sometimes Groups.

Tri-Shores Council was both a volunteer support division and an administrative division with fiscal responsibilities up until around 2016. It was at this time the National Council absorbed Council budgets, etc. to streamline the accounting process and better manage the administrative costs associated with the organization.


There are nine areas in Tri-Shores Council:


There are eight camps in Tri-Shores Council:

Past Camps

Unfortunately Camp Timken closed in June 2016.

Past Council Commissioners

Name From To
Bernie Avery July 2012 February 2016
Sandi Burns February 2016 August 2019
Vacant N/A N/A

Annual Reports

Note: As of 2016 Councils became apart of the National council and no longer report out individually.

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