Troop Specialty Challenge Badge

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To provide a way to recognize a Troop that has a special interest.


  1. The Troop will decide on the requirements for this badge.
  2. The Scout leader must send a copy of the badge requirements to the local Scout council for information.
  3. A Troop may have only one Specialty badge at a time.
  4. A Troop may change its Specialty badge once a year if it wishes.

Program Suggestions

From Climate Change Challenge Badge

(As listed in the Climate Change Challenge - Scout Handbook Pages

  1. After exploring ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, educate others as to how they may improve their own homes (e.g. information booth; pamphlet, etc.). Provide estimates of the energy, money and GHGs saved by using an online calculator ( or
  2. Adopt a location in the community where cars are often seen idling (school yard, sports facility) and launch a noidling campaign to decrease idling in this location. Resources can be found at:
  3. Organize a tire pressure clinic. Visit to find out more about this program.