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To provide a way to recognize a Troop that has a special interest.


  1. The Troop will decide on the requirements for this badge.
  2. The Scout leader must send a copy of the badge requirements to the local Scout council for information.
  3. A Troop may have only one Specialty badge at a time.
  4. A Troop may change its Specialty badge once a year if it wishes.

Program Suggestions

From Climate Change Challenge Badge

(As listed in the Climate Change Challenge - Scout Handbook Pages

  1. After exploring ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, educate others as to how they may improve their own homes (e.g. information booth; pamphlet, etc.). Provide estimates of the energy, money and GHGs saved by using an online calculator ( or
  2. Adopt a location in the community where cars are often seen idling (school yard, sports facility) and launch a noidling campaign to decrease idling in this location. Resources can be found at:
  3. Organize a tire pressure clinic. Visit to find out more about this program.

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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article is no longer be applicable to the current program.
It remains here for reference purposes only.
For information on items replacing this topic, see Personal Achievement Badges - Scouts.