Uniform Insignia Placement

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See Uniform for background on uniform changes, especially the 2011 uniform update.

With changes to badges in The Canadian Path, badge placement has changed to the following:

Insignia-placement-BeaverScouts.png Insignia-placement-CubScouts.png Insignia-placement-Scouts.png
Insignia-placement-VenturerScouts.png Insignia-placement-RoverScouts.png Insignia-placement-Adults.png

Official links:

Don't like sewing tiny badges? Consider using Badge Magic.

When the uniforms were changed in 2011, sashes were removed and most badges became smaller to allow them to go directly on uniform shirts.
Badge placement changed was as follows:

Insignia-placement-BeaverScouts-2011.png Insignia-placement-CubScouts-2011.png Insignia-placement-Scouts-2011.png
Insignia-placement-VenturerScouts-2011.png Insignia-placement-RoverScouts-2011.png No Change for Scouters